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About Nexus

Introducing Nexus, your solution for seamless file organization and storage. Designed to elevate creativity and mental clarity, Nexus is your go-to tool for efficiently managing and arranging all your files. Nexus is an all-in-one notion template that helps you to process and retain information precisely. Featuring well-known tools such as P.A.R.A. and C.O.D.E., Nexus is the ideal place to store your thoughts, aspirations, and keep track of your complicated life.

The Concept behind Nexus

How does it work?

Nexus embodies the principles of P.A.R.A. and C.O.D.E., useful tools that will help you focus in the modern era.

P.A.R.A. stands for Projects, Areas, Resources, and Archives. It is a productivity system developed by Tiago Forte that helps individuals organize and manage their digital information effectively.

- Projects: Structuring information around specific projects or goals, and keeping all related documents, resources, and tasks together in one place allows for better focus and clarity when working on a particular project

- Areas: This refers to the different areas of your life such as work, personal health, hobbies, etc.

- Resources: Organize reference materials that you don't need to act on immediately but want to keep for future use. These can include articles, e-books, research papers, videos, etc.

- Archives: Store information that you no longer need to actively access but may want to keep for reference in the future.

C.O.D.E. stands for Create Once, Delegate or Decide Once, and Eliminate or Automate. It is a principle for managing tasks and responsibilities efficiently.

- Create Once: This means dedicating focused time and effort to create or complete a task properly the first time. It emphasizes the importance of giving tasks the attention they deserve to avoid rework or errors down the line.

- Delegate or Decide Once: This step involves determining if a task can be delegated to someone else who may be better suited or if it requires your personal attention.

- Eliminate or Automate: This step focuses on eliminating unnecessary tasks or finding ways to automate them to save time and effort.

Go mobile!

Take Nexus on the go! Although the experience is designed for desktop use. The endless customizability allows you to use the tools you need, wherever you go!

Limitless customizability

Notion allows users to create tools and documents to their liking. Nexus keeps that in mind. Every panel has been created so they can be moved, copied, and improved upon so that Nexus works best for you.

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Nexus - Second Brain | Notion template.

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Nexus | Second Brain

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